What do yall do to increase you charecter count? oh idk nothing im miserable help me ;))


Just wanted to know what yall do to get your charecter count past 20


This is what you do: says something and do this: <.dxffgghbj.> But without the periods. I hope this helps!


​​​​​​Several things.



Do this <whateveryouwanthere> and it won’t show up, so you don’t have to type in twenty characters.


Well you could use long emojis like :stuck_out_toηgue_closed_eyes: which can take up a whole post!

Or, if your post is 14 characters or so, you could add this at the end

 14 characters ok

It won’t show up like so

Or you could be extra and add code like <del> or <ins> or <small> etc


i like to ad the turtle emoji



yeh i need to know more html things. usefull for tumblr text edittor and the fourum one. if you do < a > than it looks like a link but it isn’t


Yeah, that is cool. There are several text codes for the forum on this awesome topic if you want to learn cool text tricks on the forum:

I like using two ` - marks when I talk about tagging, in many “I am new to the forum”- topics. It will make a tag look different and it won’t tag the actual person (at least I think so).





so what you do is like just do that <>
and yaa das it


Yeh i know now

Lol old topics


ohh okk you just seemed a little confused there ya :disappointed: :wink:


Are those even real HTML tags?


yes they are


Oh wait this is my topic lol i didnt notice.

Yall i know how to do things i made this when i first joined


Yep, though they dont have to be