What Do Other People Think About Popularity These Days?



Popularity, popularity, popularity. Is this all people talk about these days!?! I mean when did people start thinking what a stranger on a screen think about someone else! Too many people are saying on Hopscotch " It's not fair that nobody notices me! " or " Who chose them to be on featured!?! ". They will usually say something mean about them! When did Hopscotch become a app for judging?!? Hopscotch was created because we can make games, meet new people, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!! But this is all slowly fading away because of all the judging. All you people who judge... just stop! And no I'm not trying to be mean I'm just trying to make Hopscotch like it was before! Keep this in your brain and think about it. Does popularity matter that much?


Well said. :clap::smile:! Popularity really does not matter. :wink:


Beautifully said.


Here is a like for you guys! :heart:


That is perfectly accurate, but popular people's stuff only gets liked more because people follow them and they are seen more and more. Once again, it doesn't have a significance. It's all for the fun and the code!


Popularity doesn't really matter to me it's about having fun!



These days, we all have YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and whatnot...
And they have all these followers counter...

That way, people become more and more competitive...

Because of that, people will become more and more jealous...


There was a project that could have and maybe was hurtful to MagmaPOP and TheRealFunky 63, it was a campaign to stop all the popular. THEY WORK HARD TO BE POPULAR and what makes them even better is, they don't complain about it! But ya, popularity is making some quit and I wish people didn't feel it was such a big deal, because it's not supposed to be.


That Is So True! People Shouldn't Care About Popularity. Heh, I Was A Noob For, Like, 2 Years! But I Kept Coding, Not For Popularity, But Because I Like To Code! When People Do Things Like Quit Over Popularity, It Makes A Lucario Sad.. Don't Make The Lucario Cry! Code For Fun, Not For Popularity! You'll Get Noticed Someday. :slight_smile:


Doesn't matter, you'll be popular one day. Like we just got on Trending yesterday with a remix.