What do I do about this?


So there is someone being rude on a forum account. They told me who they really are. What should I do? Email? They have some really rude posts

For example:
They deleted it but they had a list of ppl who had a bad future ahead of them

Their real account is @Clowns


I is not rood I is correct misakes so peple DO nut make them anymor.


Email them. And I was just on that topic.


I make mistake about bad futur ples forgive me or I is sad agai


I is soreee can I bring my sisee to tak here to


I really dont think we should bring attention to this,
But if it becomes really a problem i suggest emailing them.
Edit: o wait nvm ye email dem


Please write in normal English. Preferably British English(or American).
(To the post above this)


I was use the accunt because I was too sad and embarass to use this on


No thank you mr real blah


Is is going to bring my sister here to talk WAIT few minus


Was I referring to you?




Edit: oh wait nvm email them.


What's nvm? I seriously don't know.


U is been meen is meen dont be meen ;(




Who r they????????????


•~• (dont worry i dont prank people trust me)


I is soree now leave me alyn


I was not referring to you. I was referring to @himynameismeredith1.


Wait... u came back for the 70th time!!!