What did you struggle with the most while starting?


The Cos-Sine radar demo I made would work great on a large full screen scale.
If 4 sprites "N,S,E,W" invisible and orbited a central area like an x shape and other sprites x positions were attached to these then a 360 scrolling level-landscape would be easy to do.
Plus the 360 degree colision detect and scrolling works I made works well.
It's just few are willing to try these types of codes.


The problem is however running so many complex calculations, the code lags :D

I must make some kind of RPG sometime XD


That last 2d platformer level I made ran quickly because I hardly used any bumps/touches code but still achieved the same effect as using those.
If TOT was made using that code it wouldn't have lagged so much.

I can't seem to spend more than 30 mins coding on Hopscotch in a day.
I'll discuss this elsewhere


This is a good idea, but there's already a topic about this. Remember to SBYP! :wink:


No there aren't, and it has already been meantionned. Please read the comments before you type or even see the difference between the posts.


I tried. I'm sorry. Everybody makes mistakes. I'm very sorry. I will leave now.


No need to get upset. You just tried to help. I returned the favor. It was in a friendly way, maybe you misunderstood.


I struggled and am still struggling with Sin and Cosine


Have you tried @Kiwicute2016's awesome tutorial on HS? Or the many tutorials on the forum? :wink:


Oh I didn't see that she made a tutorial, I am going to check it out!


Sorry. I misunderstood.
You were using full stops (periods) and the tone of it sounded like you were annoyed, but I was wrong. Sorry!