What did you struggle with the most while starting?


Good luck with that.
I made a few tutorials about collision detection,sensors,physics and have been mostly ignored.
A handful of members like @AHappyCoder are eager to learn new code.


What did I struggle with the most starting? There's no question. Values, and how to use them in an efficient way. My first project used no values, and it would have been ten trillion times easier to make and less laggy if I had understood values. So if you're making tutorials for beginners, that's where I would start.

And also, @Stradyvarious, your tutorials/experiments with code are really cool! They may not have a huge amount of likes, but they're very informative and interesting.


I struggled with the new interface. I didn't have hopscotch for the summer last year because my old iPad broke,
And a series of new updates emerged.

I'm going to have a lot of trouble trying to finish my collabs after the summer when my apps update.

I have no idea how to use the phone version and I have the update before the hour of code version on my iPad. (I think it's the November one?


I started in the earlier days and I could only make the block turn and move forward...

In December of 2014 GG000 visited and taught me how to leave a trail...


Everything at first! I only really could follow videos.
Also confidence in first publishing :sweat_smile:


Great idea! But remember to search before you post because someone else already had that idea XD


This is different- it focuses on only what you struggles with when you first joined. :slight_smile:


…with emphasis on first joined. Past tense :nerd:


Well they are very similar but I guess if you think so :D


They aren't actually that similar. Same concept, but it's asked and answered a lot differently.


I never really struggled so to speak with hopscotch. I was already there until 2014, I just took a long break and came back, so I knew the basic principles

Maybe I struggled with getting noticed? It took me 3 months to actually get started :stuck_out_tongue:


When I fist joined, I made such simple games. I already had a very basic understanding of what to do from previous code experience, but I lacked skills in all areas of Hopscotch! As I spent more time on Hopscotch, I strengthened many areas such as trail art, values, etc and now have a solid understanding of each area of Hopscotch. I can now make complex trail arts, physics games, and much more!

Like OS, another problem I faced was getting noticed. My first twenty projects or so never got more than 20 likes, even though I worked very hard on them :D :stuck_out_tongue:


The XD makes it seem like the creator isn't smart for not searching before he posts. :confused:

And this is struggles when you first joined. This one doesn't have strengths.

They are different.


This makes little sense @tankt2016

And what's wrong with le XD?


I defiantly do want to learn a new trick. The code samples or Libraries by themselves work well, but not as a fully fledged game, there being too much code for Hopscotch


I don't really remember. I joined in December of 2014 (I've had multiple accounts) when there wasn't much as far as I can remember. XD.


Umm, I probably struggled on values and locks (eg. Check if else etc.) but now, supprisingly, that s the best thing I can do!


Wow, didn't think I would get that much replies.
I guess hopscotch has grown.

Well thanks for the feedback @Stradyvarious @Caramel_Puffin @Anonymous @LazyLizard @Bananadog @OrangeScent1 @PenguinGaming713 @KoolM123 . Wow this is a long list.

I think I may work on these ideas:

-How to organize a project
-How to put a branding logo
-What are values
-How to get noticed
-Code training


Yup. And this has been pointed out to me already.


The Cos-Sine radar demo I made would work great on a large full screen scale.
If 4 sprites "N,S,E,W" invisible and orbited a central area like an x shape and other sprites x positions were attached to these then a 360 scrolling level-landscape would be easy to do.
Plus the 360 degree colision detect and scrolling works I made works well.
It's just few are willing to try these types of codes.