What did this do to me?


Something did something to my brain and wasn't good. It is called addiction. Some addictions are good and some are bad. But sometimes you can't some addictions to stop. Just like me. The Hopscotch Forums. You aren't the greatest place for me, but I make it an amazingly graceful place. At least it's what I try to do. Be brave and step into the spotlight of the show.



I am addicted to dubstep and I can't stop listening to it.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And HS


... This makes no sense at all... Can you please make topics that we can actually understand? Thanks.


But what if I can't stop making topics like these.


@Kiwicute2016 and @BuildASnowman, please review this topic.


If what you're trying to say is that you're leaving from addiction, bye ;~;


Well I'm not leaving....




Review this topic please @PopTart0219


Ohhh, then hello XD


You have been selected to be in my beta tes list. I will tag you in the topic @Huggingfluffybear.



Well kewl.


Can I be a beta tester too


I don't understand why everyone keeps saying they are "addicted" to Hopscotch. Addiction is something bad. Addiction is to something bad. Hopscotch is a fun way of learning code - just because you go on it a lot doesn't mean you are 'addicted' to it. I exercise and play the piano every day - that doesn't mean I'm "addicted", it's a lifestyle choice. Hopscotch is in that same vein - it's a good thing to play with it, to make a lot of projects, and do it every day. There is nothing "addictive" about it. Addiction is when you are attached to something negative, like candy or drugs.

These types of topics are overly sentimental, over dramatic, first world, and frankly pointless. This is an upbeat forum and a place for some fun times, and trying to get introspective about how you are having enough fun to keep coming back to the forum and how that is a bad thing is really without a fundamental cause.

Do you want me to close this?


Please keep this open. I need to see what people think.
I say addiction by I say I won't wake up going on the forums but I always end up going on them.


I think it's more about the forum though. People (cough ME cough) sometimes end up staying here just chatting to people they don't know a lot — and I mean a lot in my case — which isn't very productive and not necessarily educational either, even if there is coding involved… but hey it's fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not gonna stahp forumming though :sunglasses:


I am literally on the forum all night! Seriously, I've staying up untill 6:00AM everyday since I joined the forum! XD

It's fine by me!:sunglasses:


Me usually only until 10-11:40! Wow you're a master at staying up late.
Let's GBOT now guys....


Life happened I don't know what is happening I don't even know what day it is!

Oh it's Tuesday

But anyway I don't know halp everyone needs halp


My dad says I'm addicted to my phone but I only am because everything and one around me including me is so distraught! Le GAHHHHH I've also been have seriously bad migraines everyday for hours at a time lately plz halp the migraines hurt owwww