What did I click?



I accidentally clicked on 'dismiss new' which means that I can't see the new projects anymore! It says go to preferences but I can't find anything. Please help me.


Do you mean topics??
Try refreshing and/or exiting the browser and then coming back?


This is what it looks like:


It probably may mean that you have reaad every topic and when one if made, it sould come up


I haven't, I'm a very long way off, there were 162 before I clicked something!


I think you clicked the dismiss new button in the top corner



Oh, I did but how do I get them back @Candycane?


i dont know, give me a minute. I dont want to click it cause i dont know what will happen


I wouldn't, it's really hard to get it back! I appreciate all the help though! What is your HS name? I hope I do get it back @Candycane


I accidentally tapped it and give got the same problem @PopTart0219 @Kiwicute2016 @Anonymous @BuildASnowman s there anyway that i can fix this because I've been through preferences and i cant find anything

@readingpolarbear, my HS name is Candycane :lollipop:


Can anyone on the Mass-Tag List help?



Well I don't know anything about it sry


You clicked "dismiss new", that button clears all new topics.


Yes, but how do I get it back?


You don't. All you do is wait for new topics to appear. I delete them every day, so it doesn't get clogged up.


Darn! I have 55 new ones!


You can't. You have to wait for new topics to be created.


They are new topics. Projects are things in Hopscotch. Go to preferences.
Find the Other section. There should be something that says something about new topics. Use that.


I do not believe you can get them back on the new section, but the topics are still around! Try looking on "Latest". It's next to the "New" button when you press the 3 lines!!!