What Country Do You Live In?



Let's not turn this into a fight, Kay?? We could see what mods think of this! :wink:What do you think @friendship2468?


:us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us:Works for me


Wait no it does not..


Nope. Weird. speechless


I live in Minnesota, born in Massachusetts.



(waaaaaaaaaaaay too much enthusiasm xD)


How??!? I'm not saying it really does, I'm saying it can. But I'll go.:slightly_smiling:


Yaaaaaaaay 'murica!
Looks like the American flag emoji isn't supported by the forums.

but why tho?

I was born in NJ, living in CO.


Well, first of all everyone is saying that they live in California or Washington, but those are STATES. Countries are things like United States, France or Canada. Also, I don't really think you guys should be telling everyone where you live..


I allready shared where I live my name and my age so I can't share my state!


And I know @Rawrbear lives in Minnesota (heck he goes to my school xD)


well state narrows it down to... right about 8 million people, sooo... they'd have some guesswork to do xD

(avg, not highest :wink:)


Sorry, my OCD struck, but my name isn't capitalized :3

Also, don't you think this is personal information about asking people where they live?


It's not like I'm asking for this:


Born in the USA but I'm still not telling anyone my state


What about planet? XD


like @liza said.
Its okay to share your
first name
so i think as long as the person wants to share that information it would be fine :wink:


I'm still not sharing my state


and thats perfectly fine considering that this is your choice :wink:


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