What could the next update be?


We need a new update I would like some ideas that I can give to Lisa and Asha for example
Undo and Redo for hopscotch
Anymore? Tell me


Be able to draw a path by touching and have objects move along the path instead of coding move commands.


Actually, this is possible. Using clones, you can make objects go in a trail behind your finger! Use the bottom rules on the same text to make it!


What I mean is drawing a path and have it followed instead of move x/move y.
Example, I draw a path and call it PATH 1.When Character is tapped move PATH 1. The character moves along PATH 1. This would be a lot quicker and easier than typing move x/move y and setting angles especially when moving in curves and circles.


@Stradyvarious ohh that would be useful. I guess we can make abilities with the move block codes for the most efficient way for now


We already have logins and a brand new interface & design for the next update, but greats ideas!. I would personally love it if we could have a function where you can save your progress in a game/project - and publish it that way (as an option). This would be helpful for those people that hopscotches draw, so you can open them and see the picture up close!


These are brilliant ideas


I agree with @t1_hopscotch
It would be a GREAT part of my new annoying game, Bouncy House
It will help in making a rainbow with characters in very different places


I think that would be good if drawings could move, spin, grow, shrink, and do anything that the characters can do, so for example if you draw a line, that line can breakdance for example


I don't think that could work... The drawings right now are leave a trail, which are not considered text blocks.


@Ciculidur That would be useful but @SQUISHY said, our drawings aren't objects so I'm not sure if it would work ):

But for now, I guess you can make coloured text objects which you can add code too :smiley:

You could add a text made up of these lines: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ and make it breakdance, but otherwise I don't know if that's possible sorry ):


Like what Squishy and t1 said, it would take a long time to do that. HT said in a request about "blank bumps a color" that they can't do that because technically the trails aren't actual entities. But it would be really helpful if there was a way.


I love this idea maybe you turn your drawing into characters to make that work.


I think they know but what if they made the trails like texts so for example when smooth background bumps leave a trail block move to front


I would like there to be a block like when___ is finished. This will help you in movies


Nice idea but doesn't this already exist. Well not exactly but if you use a text object.


That is a good idea! That would be useful.


There is something very very very related to this going on, I think. :stuck_out_tongue:


My emails not working so I am going to make a post for Liza on here.


It would although right now you can use something like set value (finished) to (1) then a new rule when (finished) = (1)
Sorry this is a late reply!
This is the idea
this is the posta,