What could the new update have?



I'm a beta tester. I thought that it would be good for non-beta testers to say what they wanted on Hopscotch. I know that some people can't be one for some reason so this is your chance to have your say. Please have a look at these ideas @Meg!

P.S it only let me pick help as the subject, maybe that's something to change!


I'd like to be a beta tester; is it possible to do it WITHOUT an email, @Liza @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @readingpolarbear?

And welcome to the forum! But one thing about the games club thing: I don't think you should get kicked out if you miss a challenge or something. If you do, then it's a competition. And some people may forget about it or not be able to make it. :confused:


Welcome to the forum @readingpolarbear! We do have a few topics about this already, so make sure to search before you post! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my best to help! :smile:


Pretty much no what about a temp email?


I looked into beta testing lots before I signed up and I don't think there is a way...
Tell me what could change and I'll pass it on to @Meg.

Here is just a simple thing on the beta hopscotch...
And here is what the home-page looks like


It could have a report this user button...


I have a problem here. Under 10=No emails or texts.


Hmm who would you do that on?


Yeah, but that could get kind of mean.

I heard there were new characters in the next update and the ones that cost money will be free!


Yes that will be awesome!


Would you like to see a picture?


Ashtonman and WhoAmI and Funky 63.


Definitely, I had so much fun playing with the new beta ones...


Ashtonman forgave to me _cough cough _

As well funky is nice sometimes he gets a little rude but!


Sue! I was looking for them on then other topic.


Funky 63 tries to be nice but he's from a different country! He tries his best in English! :frowning:


Here you go!


Get other iPad to check beta


Ooh are you a beta tester, what are you called?


Well I have Huggingfluffybear (beta)

And huggingfluffybear test!