What coding language is this?


if ( keyboard_check( vk_right )) {
x = x + 5;

if ( keyboard_check( vk_left )) {
x = x - 5;

if ( keyboard_check( vk_up )) {
y = y - 5;

if ( keyboard_check( vk_down )) {
y = y + 5;

I'm using a program and this is a sample of the code for pressing arrow keys to move a sprite.
The program has a help feature to show what code to use to do what.
But there's no mention of what coding language this is in the program.
I don't know if it's a little of CSS,Html and JavaScript mixed together or if this a separate language designed only for this program.

If anyone can recognize this code and language, please tell me.
It would be a great help.


I dunno any coding languages other than Hop


I googled that and stuff from game maker came up.
Is it from game maker?


No it's not from Game maker.

I wont mention the program until i know it doesn't have malware.
My pc web browsers are going superslow. There's nothing wrong with my broadband speed so i'm uninstalling everything non essential on my pc to try to fix this problem


I don't know many coding languages, but based on the syntax it looks like JavaScript, although a lot of other languages have similar.

The keyboard_check(vk_left) is a bit unfamiliar tho


Maybe lava script? But I don't know :000


It looks like it might be JavaScript or HTML, but the 'vk' bit is confusing.

Maybe it's a unique language?


Maybe Python? I've used it before but some controls on that didn't make sense so my be not.





Yeah it looks like Python a bit.


XD @Huggingfluffybear
It's a new type of coding!



It's the language that volcanos use XD

Or, if you want to code a volcano game, you use LavaScript.


It's javascript, probably. And it definitely isn't malware. It's just adding to your y position when you press up, x position when you press right, etc.


Thanks for the reply @BuildASnowman
I wasn't saying the code is malware, i was talking about the software.
Thanks to others who posted here for trying to figure it out.


Isn't that code CSS? Because all codes in css start with "{" and end with "}". When I coded with CSS this was the format:


JavaScript has curly brackets { } as well.


Css code styles a webpage, there are no variable increments decrements. Pretty much any language you see will have curly brackets, it usually just denotes the start or end of an expression.


Oh really? Bc when I use html, it uses "<" those brackets.


I pretty sure that's Lua, I use it to make game son Roblox


Ohbokay. I don't know what the fry is lua so.