What code block?


I'm trying to make a shop in my tapper game and I can't figure out how you make so you can tap the button to the shop as many times as you want. Please help.


This looks like it would work, but if it is not, I think I can find another way of doing it. Give me a few minutes.


When I do it I use more blocks
Let me get a shot of some code


Okay, here is one way assuming that rectangle 1 is the button you press to go to the shop:

Here is version 2 using variables:


I don’t see you using any Values in your shop. That might be the problem. If you want to show the amount of taps you have, do this: IMG_1749

This will give you so that whenever the cake is tapped, it will increase the value that you have by 1. Of course, you can make it more than 1. But you’d have to figure out the code.