What category does the drawing topic belong in?


Continuing the conversation from the drawing topic:

There have been mixed opinions recently about the category the the Drawing Topic belongs in.

Some believe it belongs in the #random-stuff category and others believe it belongs in the #collabs-requests-competitions category.

I’m going to list the reasons why people believe it should be placed in categories below.

Why the drawing topic belongs in #random-stuff:

  • The random stuff category is only for members and art isn’t completely related to Hopscotch. Therefore when new members join, they can focus on coding, which is the purpose on Hopscotch

Why the drawing topic belongs in #collabs-requests-competitions:

  • Some people post art when they first join the forum. Having the topic in this category prevents people from creating duplicate topics
  • All the other drawing topics are in this category so we should keep consistency
  • There are requests in the drawing topic

And to finish with a poll,

Where do you think the drawing topic belongs?


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Thanks everyone
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Thank you everyone for voicing your opinions on this matter. I might change the category idk :)

Drawing On Paper Arguement! The war has been resolved go home
Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]
Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]

Great topic! It could also be in the #design-colors-sound category!


Well don’t forget Sounds and Colors category, because well drawing has to do with color


@yaygirls, @HopscotchRemixer great thinking!


Aren’t all the other drawings topics in #collabs-requests-competitions? Then somebody would probably change all of em or smthing


Can we get over something that had been bugging me with the Drawing On Paper Topics? Like the original purpose was for people to compare their iPad art to their paper art, but that rule was broken a few replies into the first topic where people just started posted drawings and asking for feedback. I get that people like feedback and I like drawing too, I fully support it but I don’t think it belongs in a comparison topic. I think their should just be a topic where you post drawings either on paper or pencil.
@TheCoders what do you guys think?


The purpose of the drawing topic has changed overtime.

I think nowadays it’s just to share your art instead of comparing.

But I wouldn’t know. I haven’t been on the forum for that long :P


Well, isnt that all that overall art? People draw paper and digital all on there. And what’s bad about asking for feedback on their art? Idk anymore


If everything was perfect, a lot of people(including me) wouldn’t have improved their art, and they wouldn’t have any art to compare to anyways!


And what if a person has no digital art to share since they can’t draw on anything? And if they really wanted to be a part of that part of the community? This is getting off topic though

Drawing On Paper Arguement! The war has been resolved go home

Well I mean, it is a comparison topic. Not just an "Ok, I only like iPad art and that is all I will ever post."That isn’t what the topic originally was about. Nobody has really ever compared their art(a few exceptions). So maybe have an art constructive criticism topic. Or just a straight up post your art topic


Guys, stay on topic plz. Thanks!

I have to log off now but hopefully when I log back on later today there will be plenty more opinions in the topic.

Have a nice day/night wherever you are :v:t2:


Ok I will make a new topic.


A new topic on what??!


On what the Drawing On Paper Topic should actually be


Is there really a need to use the omtl here?


I see why its in colabs and comp. but it belongs in random stuff


often, the first thing new users do is make new topics to post their art. then, an older user shows them the drawing topic and they post there. if the drawing topic were regulars+ only, new users would continue to clog up the forum with more art topics.
I’m not really in the mood for debating and I’m tired so sorry if my points are rlly dumb


It should go in Sounds and Colours since that is the most art-related category. Colour is what we use to create art and music (Sound) is also a form of art.


Well, there are requests in the drawing topic, so I would say collabs requests and competitions