What Category Coding?



I'm having trouble deciding which one to focus on... This poll may help!

  • Games
  • Coding Art
  • Logos



The problem with games is that I have trouble coming up with ideas of them...


A potato on the moon.

  • A Dodging Game
  • A Puzzle Game
  • A 1st Person Story Game



So... A potato rotting on the moon? lol


D: that would be terrible! In a space suit of course. Running around to survive on the moon, in first person. Boom.


first person potato... Interesting...


You mean first potato, right?


Nope. He means a potato in first person


ATM, games is still winning, so I will be starting "The 1st Person Potato on the Moon" Tomorrow.

and if someone would like to give me a basic story line, I can give them credit... I will also be accepting music, and they will get credit. It will turn out to be a game/movie


I think the character should be one of these... I will make up my mind with the votes from this poll

  • 1st Person Tomato
  • 1st Person Potato
  • 1st Person "Simply Unknown"



Have some astronauts chasing the player as they have run out of food on the moon and want to eat the player.


omg... Its tied atm.


If its a tomato or potato, the bad guy will be sir. cabbage... if its me... the bad guy will be someone really known, also known as the opposite of me... maybe he could be named "Simply Known".


Now Simply Unknown and Potato are tied


1st person potato it is