What can I do with the subscription?


I just got the subscription and i dont remember the features are, and now it wont tell me. XD what can i do with it other than use images?


For now I think you can only add images :D

That's the only change for now i think!


Can you check for me? I believe there was three things


Nope, you can only add images right now. Hopefully they will add more features soon!


I think you can also make your profile pic whatever you want.


Profile picxD thanks, @TheGreenBanana


You can add images, change your profile pic to an image, and I think that's it!


You can upload images as your profile picture, use images in projects, and remix other projects with images. It's pretty cool!


The subscription is cool!! Right now the only feature is adding pictures, profile pictures that use images, and remixing projects with pictures. Hopefully, THT will add more cool features in the future!!