What can I do to help anybody


I was wondering if I can do anything to help anybody.( example: the hopscotch team). Anybody need help?:worried: if not I totally understand.


You could have people come to your topic and ask for help. Otherwise, just be on the forum and look for questions people have or something they could be helped with. For example, remind people to get back on topic (GBOT) before they get flagged, or tell someone how to code a specific movement!

Also ask the Hopscotch Team about the beta version of Hopscotch where you can test for bugs, if you're interested. I bet it would help them with fixing stuff!


How could I tell if someone was off topic?


Well, see if the post corresponds with the title of the topic.


Or if they are starting to say nonsense like if I wrote/typed

Hi I like cheeseburgers what is your hopscotch name so I can give you a cheeseburger

In a topic like

I ran out of likes on the forum


Oh thanks for the example. Um... I will give it a try. Example: So the topic is "I need help" and someone writes I like candy. Could I flag them?


Oh thanks for the example @Kayro


Yes you can and warn them (nicely)


if people ask questions on thw forum, dont just give thwem a short answer, write a little more @HorsesKM

sorry for the bad spelling


Oh.:disappointed:. But what does a flag mean? If you get flagged what happens?


if a post or topic gets too many flag, then a leader or moderator can hide or clse it. Is this right @Anonymous


What do you mean if people ask questions?


Yes that is right! (Sorry I took your place @Anonymous!)


as in they make a topic called
I don't understand sin and cosine - can anybody help me?
or something like that @HorsesKM


Oh. Thanks for letting me know.


its kk


your welcome


What is kk? And thanks.


it basically means ok
k/kk same thing really


Oh. Thanks!! Kk​:wink: :wink: