What Can I Do In the Forums?



What could I even do on Hopscotch Forum? Thanks!

P.S. I'm really used to Hopscotch so this may look weird xD


If you are trying to do a code and it's not working, come on the hopscotch forum! Also, you can help other people with codes, find out how to be a beta tester, plan collabs with people and others!


You're probably new so.... Welcome to the forum!
The forum is where we discuss any Hopscotch related problems, suggestions, tutorials and many more! You can create topics asking for help, improvements or problems and many more. Post replies if you want and remember to be on-topic. Don't be rude, disrespectful or mean. You're a part of the community!

You can also earn badges and trust levels. Badges are like tasks. You don't have to get them right away, some take time to earn. There are trust levels: basic user, member, regular and member. You start with basic and try getting to member, then regular. If you move on to a new level, you'll be able to do some new things.
You can also check the FAQ if you'd like to learn more about the forum (rules, tips)

I hope this helps! Have fun :slightly_smiling:


@TinyElephant, If You Have Anything Else You Wanna Do, Then Try Making Your Post NOT Spam, NOT Off Topic, Or NOT Innapropriate.