What Bloon Tower Defense should I make?



-Bloon Tower Defense
-Bloon Tower Defense 2
-Bloon Tower Defense 3
-Bloon Tower Defense 4
-Bloon Tower Defense 5

  • BTD 1
  • BTD 2
  • BTD 3
  • BTD 4
  • BTD 5



To make a poll, you are doing everything right except the reason it didn't work is you need to have a spaces between the dashes (-) and the words! Like this!

- Option


Not to discourage you, but you will need to work very hard on this ok? Lots of values are needed!


I think that BTD1-3 would maybe be the easiest to make, but BT4-5 would be awesome (even epic) as well! The balloons would be a problem for each version once you get to harder levels (more balloons would mean more clones and there is a maximum amount of clones)


I know. I was just putting it out there.


You could make a BTD Endless Version


Sorry it if insulted u! Yiu should totally make a bloons td 5, but it could get hard to do it... Yiu should probably just start with btd1 and work your way up :blush:


(Not trying to be mean)


:joy: Haha exactly! #EpicFail


This is a code demo I mad a while back of a TD game.
Each flame clone moving along the path towards the building can be hit with a water drop from the fire truck and only the clone hit will disappear.
If you study this code it will probably help you with your TD game.


Thanks! I will check it out.