What are your hopscotch forum goals?


This is one of my topics I want to have positivity.

Goals like this:
• I wanna learn all the forum tricks on here
• I wanna grow my hopscotch learning by being on here

Not goals like this:
• I wanna be a better coder
This is your hopscotch forum goals
• I wanna quit the hopscotch forum
That is negative D:

If you do goals like "I wanna be a better coder," it's okay! Maybe you just posted without reading the whole topic!

  • good idea :D
  • bad idea D:


My goals:
• create more topics (I made only 31 O-O)
• Catch up to my bae XD (@EnchantedAnimallover)
• Get back my regular




Forum Goals:
1. Win the next contest the mods host
2. Get leader


Forum goals:

Be helpful.

Be kind.

Become a leader (I'm only working towards getting better at handling stuff and maybe eventually I will believe I'm ready to work towards leader :D) of course not changing my personality tho :) I'm not ready yet :D

And everything gud I can do for the forum!


Please SBYP I allready made this topic.

  1. Get regular
  2. Be nice
  3. Be friends with everyone
  4. Don't get suspended again
  5. Become leader
  6. Become mod
  7. Win a leader contest


Forum goals:

  • Be calmer and not have so much of a temper.
  • Become a leader/Mod. (I won't change my personality but I kinda want the power XD)
  • Get a title
  • Have people appreciate me for who I am.
  • Always have my gud friends like @smishsmash and @Maltese
  • Do all that I can to help the forum!


Aww, thank you!

Those r amazing goals! :D


Thanks so much! :D

Sometimes I feel like I'm not that helpful, and that I'm not appreciated ;-;


ಠ_ಠ Dats not true ಠ_ಠ
I appreciate u so much and I find u very helpful!
Ur an amazing fren! :DDD


@Huggingfluffybear, you made one on Hopscotch goals. This is for the forum goals.

Thanks, @VanillaBlossom. But what do you mean by catch up?

Also, check your docs. I shared a doc to you to see if the email to our teacher is gud. You can edit it if you want. c:

Forum Goals:

  • Post more in the drawing topic
  • Be as awesome as VB, SS, Smishy, Malty, and BD
  • Live laif
  • Have a files on me
  • Have a topic for me
  • Get less addicted and enojoy laif k?
  • Be helpful
  • Make more friends



Thank you so much;u;

Nu, ur amazing fren!


Totally! VB, SS, Malty, and BD r so amazing!

I however am not, dun be like me pls Thicks!
But thank you, I'm so glad u admire me! :D

That's my goal rn, I'm failing;-; ^^^


;-; dun worry I'm out too xD

Your welcome!

Nu, ur an amazinger fren!


Now, I'm a very good fighter of wether you're awesome or not, Remberm a reason you're awesome becuase you eat cake, right?

Now I'm just teasingly liking you and the other senpai (@Rainboom)'s post. :P



Ok.. Ok xD

I did eat chocolate cake with strawberry frosting today, and yesterday, and the day befor, and the day before, and for the last week xD


Everybody's goal seems like it is getting leader and mod. I agree, pretty much everyone wants that, including me. But my goal is different.

I want to try to improve my helpfulness, and try to be less off topic.
I want to get to know everyone on the forum.
I want to be known as more of a kind, supportive person.
I want to be more wise in my choices on the forum.
After working on these and perfecting them, maybe that could help me work towards leader. :)


I'm turning into KVJ lol


I also counted it as forum goals.:slight_smile:


This topic is #GOALS!!!