What are your favourite types of math?



Hold ya flaggin' horses matey! This is hopscotch related because maths plays a massive part in coding, and you post how the maths types affect your HSing.

Here you can post what your favourite types of math are and how they affect Hopscotching for you.
Mine are:
Geometry- Affects hopscotch because we have shapes, and the HS screen is a cartesian plane, which I guess is geometry + algebra, but still.
Probability- Affects hopscotch because of the purple 'random (number) to (number)' block.
Statistics and Data- Affects HS because we have values.
Trigonometry- Sine and Cosine.


Mine are:


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All of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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My favorite is Algebra.

Wait are values algebra? I'm pretty sure they are.


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MULTIPLICATION ROCKS! I love to multiply because it gives you SO MUCH MORE!


This is a bit of a cheaty answer, but mathematical algorithms. I just think it's so cool that you can take any equation, and have a set of steps that, no matter what the equation is, solve it. It's always intimidating when you have an integral or even just an equation where there are so many things to evaluate and so many different ways to do it, you don't know where to start.

Idk, I just think, being a programming guy, I like when you can just have a set of steps that works 100% of the time for anything. Also, it's cool because it means you can implement it in Hopscotch! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want an answer that's actually a branch of mathematics, then probably integral calculus. I recently took a few courses on it, and helped some people solve some tricky integrals, and I have just fallen in love. It's so mind boggingly beautiful when you have such a complex expression where you can just apply a few tools and have everything fall into place. Also, the notation is so satisfying xD


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I can't pick a portion of math to call my favorite. All of math has had something "beautiful" to show, something "useful", in one way or another, to offer, in my experience.

I didn't always think so. When I was younger, I had a friend who asked me about this subject, in a van on the way back from a place called "Fermilab". I told her that I felt like math was just a necessary evil, almost punishingly complex. It was just the price of admission into any real conversation about physics - the, only set of "things" that I would respect as "real". I told her that what we called "math" was too messy. Too clunky. Too full of stuff to memorize, full of unmotivated tricks for geeks and barbaric approximations for engineers. I thought, surely there's a better way to get to and to understand answers about the world. She, on the other hand, called mathematics "the greatest monument to the mind of man." I said she was full of it.

Well, we were both wrong, I think. No, it's nothing so lame or vain as a monument. And if it is, at least surely not to us. But it is also as "real" as anything ever could or can be - maybe even the only "thing" there is, as the apparent source of all other things (depending on what you really mean, when you say, "math"). With this change of heart, I haven't since seen the study of math as being that of a shallow assortment of hard rules and puzzle-solving tricks, but as an invitation. THE invitation. In reply, I suggest you make all of it your favorite.


They are algebra and statistics,
Algebra because they are basically changing pronumerals, except represented by a word instead of a lowercase letter.
Statistics and data because they are stored numbers that sit there as what they are until changed.


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Lol "math" means nothing to me. "Maths" on the other hand… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: