What are your favourite games on hopscotch?


What are your favourite games on hopscotch? Feel free to name any hopscotch related project, and tag the person to make it easier. This is for everyone to use. (Try to get 100+ replies on the channel.)


My favorite game by me is Star Ninja
My favorite all time games are:
1. Diving Game @CreationsOfaNoob
2. Lemonade Stand @Madi_Hopscotch_
3. Canoe Adventure @MagmaPOP
4.I have many more but I am not going to list them all!


What are your favorite games?


Sheep game and diving game by @creationsofanoob
Kaleidocosmos and snowflake draw by @Valgo
Minecraft sneak up and helicopter rescue by @MagmaPOP
Don't let em fall by @Intellection74
Fruit rain, snowball run and smiley bounce by @DMF
Flappy golf by @blastfusion (me)
Lemonade stand by @Madi_Hopscotch_
Doodle jump and colouring book by @Bananadog
2048 by @t1_hopscotch
Slither.io by Hobson
Fruit bounce and shoot! By @SmileyAlyssa
And there's still more to list


Nice! I just changed my bio! Can you look at it and tell me if you like it?


Mine are:

Bottle Flip by @FoodDelivery
Don't let em fall by @Intellection74
Minecraft sneak up by @MagmaPOP
Lemonade stand by @Madi_Hopscotch_


Awesome! If like it! Changed mine as well.


Thanks! I am going to look at yours!


Just so you know, it says flappy gold not flappy golf! But other than that it is awesome!


I Just changed it. .


I agree with most of them!


Nice! I am going to make a topic called "Find Your Hopscotch Family".


What do you mean by that?


Basically you find which "family" you belong in. Like do you be long in the trail art family or the pixel art family? You will fill out a form and answer the questions on it, then I will decide which family you belong in!


I also love Don't Let 'Em Fall @Intellection74! I got a score of 55!!



  1. Lemonade Stand by Madi
  2. Don't let em' fall by Inty
  3. Flappy Gilf by Blasty (can u call you that?) XD
  4. Sheep Game by COAN

Trail art:

  1. Happy Third birthday hopscotch by Frosty
  2. Nutella by Malty
  3. Broccoli Dide by Smishy
  4. Polar Bear by Vani

Pixel Art:

  1. FLowers by Inty
  2. Turtle by Frosty
  3. Halloween pixel art by Dylan
  4. My little pony by me


I agree! Thanks for saying Flappy Golf! I'm currently so happy!


Youre welcome :D

In your bio, I didn't say you were the second best advanced coder XD
I said you were one of the best :D


Ok I'll change it now. Thanks for reminding me!


1.The animations made by @Zetax
2.The drawing pad made by me
3. 2048 by t1