What Are You Doing To Help Hopscotch?



I have made this poll to check if Hopscotchers are following and helping people with the community. If we don't take care of the Hopscotch community, no new people will join and overtime, hopscotch would have to be shutdown. I would never want that to happen.

  • I Follow Them Myself and Try to Help Others Too
  • I Tell People to Be Nice
  • I Post Quotes
  • I'm Having Trouble Following Rules
  • Other



Well, @LGBT.Coder is trying to help rebuild the community after all the flame wars.

Adaption of the song "Let It Go"

Topics glow bright on m' iPad tonight, not a reply to be seen.
A forum of isolation, and it looks like I'm a leader.
The wind is howling outside my window t'night.
Couldn't keep them here, Heaven knows I tried.
Don't let them delete the app Hopscotch.
Be the kind Hopscotcher you always have to be!
Conceal your grief, don't let it out!
Well, now it's out!

Let it grow, let it grow
Can't hold it in anymore
Let it grow, let it grow!
Turn your iPad off right now!
I'll only care
If they're going to quit
Let the fire stop now
The flame wars always bothered me, anyway.

It's funny how the distance
Makes everyone seem far
And the fears that never controlled me
Have gotten to me now!
It's time to see
What I can do
To help Hopscotch and make it through
Lots o' right and wrong
Lots o' rules for me
I'm free!

Let it grow, let it grow
I am one with Hopscotch and the forum!
Let it grow, let it grow
You'll never see me leave!
Here I stand
To help Hopscotch
Let the fire stop now…

My power flurries through the forum to Hopscotch
My soul is spiraling through this spiral draw
I'm never leaving now, that is for the future

Let it grow, let it grow
And I'll rise to be famous
Let it grow, let it grow
That young coder is gone
Here I stand
With my iPad now
Let the fire stop now!
The flame wars always bothered me, anyway.

Notes:@LGBT.Coder, I know you want to help the Hopscotch Community, and this would be a great theme song for you! It took me about 15 minutes to write the song, I adapted it from "Let It Go" and changed the lyrics, but kept the tune.


Well I be nice and help others!