What are you being for Halloween


I don't celebrate Halloween but I do think it could be fun if I knew what you guys are gunna be oh and PS put Collab in the comments for a collab account


Can you make this Hopscotch related? :smiley: :smiley:



I don't get why ppl say that


The forum has to be Hopscotch related (dun dun dun xD)


So like all about hopscotch???


Maybe you could make a poll in the Hopscotch App that ask people as part of this topic, then it's HS related


But how are Halloween contests related to hopscotch


If it's related to something you're doing in Hopscotch, it works


I am going to be a unicorn!

Onsie time!


I'm not sure what I'm going to be but I might not go trick or treating and its in a few days.


I'm going to be ME!
And eat lotsa choccies :3


Me going to be an angel


Guy plz like my stuff plz


You cant get people to just like your stuff

I'm being pikachu


I will be myself, but I am going to a halloween party so I´ll be... a zombie-thing.


Harley Quinn :)

  • Are you a Star Wars-related character?
  • Are you from a book?
  • Are you from a TV show?
  • None of these...


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I am being a robber!

Tonight becuas ei am not going trick or treeting so I am going to a church thing tonight


I'm a nothing


I is being...
Not telling u ha