What Are We Known For Hopscotch Awards! Taking Nominations!



Hello, it’s Foxy here! Wait, can I make this? Do I need permission?
This is the What Are We Known For HS Awards, or WAWKF! This is different that the traditional awards that in the nominees have to type a paragraph about why they should win! More on the contest later…
We are going to have topics about categories you fit in, like what you are known for. @Gobli09, for example, is the cipher queen! Each category will have three spots. You may only nominate someone once. You may only nominate someone in a category once. After every spot is filled, the nominees will type a paragraph about why they should win. PLEASE BRAG!!! Give evidence. If you have 14 features (@KayKat), tell us! After everyone is done, I will make a poll and you can vote!
Some other things…

  1. Don’t vote for/nominate your friend just because they are your friend. There is no friend category for this reason. I’m not saying you shouldn’t nominate them, just make sure you really think they should be nominated. Vote for someone that you think deserves it.

  2. Please nominate someone active, mainly so they can type the essay.

  3. Don’t hold back on your paragraph. We want to know facts about you. If you are not super well known, here is your chance. Don’t miss it.

  4. If you are nominated, you don’t have to make your paragraph super long. Write what you can.

I may add more topics later.
And without further ado…

Best Trail Artist

Best Pixel Artist

Best Game Maker

Best Background Maker

  1. @background_inc

Best Artist

Note: I mean Hopscotch Artist, not Drawing Topic Artist.

Best Drawing Pad Maker


you tagged the wrong person…

I cant brag…
wont that make some people feel bad?

but okey then


When you write the essay. What I meant about brag, is don’t forget to list your accomplishments.


oh, okay


Not another one of these…


Okay, peeps, when I said Gobli is the cipher queen, it was an example. Don’t feel bad :slightly_smiling_face:


No, seriously.


There are so many of these…the only excuse I had to make one is because I had to continue PixelMaster64’s Hopscotch Awards from 2016…that was liek the 4th time someone had done an awards show those past two weeks!


Ah, i’m sorry! I really wanted to try my hand at one of these…
I should close it.


You are the cipher queen…I don’t know who the cipher kind would be though…I guess me?(Well I guess this topic is about bragging)


It’s fine as long as I win something…
Lol no that would be rude…




Ahhhhhh! I’m scared! Zombie potato apocalypse!


Llamas save me!
Besides I don’t even deserve On of these awards(and don’t try to convince me otherwise) there are people who make games every day that are better than the ones I post every few days…


Well I’m going to brag cause why not…
I believe that I should the best pixel artist due to the point that my first two projects were pixel arts, getting 300 likes and liked by the hopscotch team, and not 1, not 2, but 3 of my 5 featured were pixel arts! I wasted 3 months just to get that featured!


Maybe you are a cipher king :thinking:

I’m not the cipher queen, that would be someone else like HappyDolphin


Okay well I have 14 features. Yay me.


Wow…ok…yeah you pretty much took down the rest of the competition…


Wait are we not meant to nominate ourselves? Oops


Well, there are people with more features than me.