What are values?



I don't know what they can be used for and how to use them! :confounded:


@Trendygirl Values Are Basically Sets Of Numbers. When You Name And Create A Value, You Start With 0. But There's A Way To Make The Number Bigger And Smaller. For Example You Can Do Increase Value [Your Value Here] By 10 And Do A Set Text With The Value In There Then Hit The Play Button And Then It Says 10, But If You Do Increase Value [Your Value Here] By 10+10 Also, You May Need A Number Without Doing It By Not Adding Or Subtracting The Value Using One Block. So Pull Out The Set Value Block In Front Of The Increase Value Block Do Set Value [Your Value Here] To 10, Then Hit Play, And Then It Says Ten! Hope This Helped. If You Need More Help Or Still Don't Get It, Then Click Here, Here, And Here.


CreativeCoder has a really great post on values:

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