What are User Card Badges? What do they do?

Hi! My name is Liked21. I am new to the forum and I have been using Hopscotch for about 8 months now.

So recently, I found this feature in the settings for account customization.

Does anyone know what this is? What you have to do to get it? Or what it does? Please tell me!



Does anyone know? Please tell me


When you unlock certain trust levels, such as “Regular”, you can set it as your title.


Ahh, that makes much more sense. Thanks for explaining it to me


Also, some people like Nindroid and COAN, who have won the Summer Contest, have custom badges. Moderators are the only people who can make these or give them to people.


It’s actually mods who can give them to people.


That’s cool. I hope they host something like the Summer Contest again so more people (like me) have a chance to earn them!


Oh okay, thanks for correcting me :stuck_out_tongue:

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So kind of like @Gilbert189’s Quote next to his name? That’s a User Card Badge correct?

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Alright, just wondering about that setting on the account customization. Thank you @WynterDiamond and @Gilbert189 for telling me about this! <3

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It’s only for for koderators.

They have a shield.

@t1_hopscotch has it.

No, it’s not.

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Only moderators? I see you have a Quote next to your name. No shield.

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Hey yes I’m also curious about this
Are these still being given out?
If you earned one are you able to change what it says whenever you want?

And that’s all lol

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Well we all know that Regular is one. But unless I can see it myself, I will just have to keep on theorizing.


That’s not a user card badge.

They were never being given out.

As far as I know it’s just the font Awesome shields.


“Regular” is a user card badge, is it not?
Yes, it is, Nindroid…

No, it is not a user card badge.

That’s a title, which is different.

Oops yes I meant the title, do u know the answers to my questions but about the title?

Oh okay. Well, I guess what Liked was talking about was titles… I suppose…

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