What are Trust Levels?




On the forum, it says something about "trust levels".
What is this about?
I need explanation!

By the way, someone said @Kiwicute2016 was a mod?!


Yes kiwi is a mod XD


But is she still like a real person?!
How do she respond


She is definitely a real person. I've seen photos of her and bots don't have much of a personality.


Trust levels are things that allow you to do more on the forum and you level up. A mod is the best trust level and they are picked manually by THT. Leaders are also picked by THT.
Here are the trust levels-
New User
Basic User


And admin but only the Hopscotch team are those.


I'm a member! Not the best.


When can I become a mod? What is that short for? I thought mod as in like the other type! Like something in Minecraft XD


That's actually pretty hard to earn! Member and above have unlimited posts! For regular, you have to be on at least 50 days out of 100 days, have to have read 20K posts, and have to have given 30 likes and recieved 30 likes. (I might be wrong, but I think that's it)



Nothing here, general topic
Nothing here, general topic

To become a mod, you have to be REALLY trusted by THT, @Liza will promote you to a mod, but there are only three mods so far. I really hope you become a mod!


Who are the mods so far?


BuildASnowman, PopTart0912 and Kiwicute2016


They are @Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman, and @PopTart0219 Sorry for the tags!


This topic explains a lot of stuff


Mod stands for moderator


Got it! Thank you guys so much for your help!


Thanks for using my topic ! I really appreciate it !


Good topic to answer this


You're welcome!