What are trust levels? FAQs



Have you been on for at least 50 days?




I don't know why you're not a regular yet, you might have to ask @Kiwicute2016 or @BuildASnowman.


Is it possible then to see what you have completed so far to get to the next level?


Reviving this topic, read it!


It actually says you must have visited 50% of the days in the last 100 days. 50% of 100= 50. So, to earn regular you must have been on the forum for 50 days!


I love this tutorial! You explained everything so thoroughly.

However, I have been on the forum for like 3 months, and I am on almost every day. I am still a member! I have been on Hopscotch since November of 2014.


You need to read more posts and like more posts. It's not just being on a lot of days.


Oo, I'm gonna read me some posts XD




Double revive


Triple revive


This post is helpful… But are those numbers accurate? Or have they changed overtime?


The Hopscotch forum has different numbers.
Liza adjusted them.


oh, that makes more sense now


Do you know the new numbers? Or does anyone else? I’ve also heard on the forum that only admins and moderators can be leaders now but I’m not sure if that’s true. Correct me if I’m wrong?


This is helpful to new users.


Yes, this is useful for them


Come join the Party! Whoop