What are these badges?


Sorry if this is already a topic, i couldn't find one



same with a few of these....


Click on the badges to learn how to get them.
When you get badges, they appear on your profile.
Is that enough information?


Well i know how to get badges.. but what are they.. i mean was there a new discourse update?


THT added the badges yesterday. Check the badges section to see how to get them :D


oh okay sorry, i was gone so yea... @Kiwicute2016 i feel kinda bad about this topic...can you close it? please


No don't worry, no one knew about the badges, so there's no need to close unless you really want it closed.


Why @ me in particular? XD


sorry lol i just saw them on your profile first


Those badges are the supporter badges it matters in how much support they gave by liking


There was apparently a new update with new badges!