What are these badges I earn in five seconds time?


@buildasnowman, I know you mess around with stuff here, was this you?

This made my day, I had a pretty bad one.


That happened to me too. Those are the new badges that THT decided to add

XD I was waiting so long for these badges


I got it too! See......


Who... Why does that say crazy in love


It's a badge, check the badges section to see how to get them :D


Me too! I was wondering..


Those are what I just earned too! :smiley:


Same they all just popped up like 20mins ago?

Maybe there new badges they just made?


I have a topic similar to this. :wink:


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Oh my gosh... What is happening?

Took a pic of my screen :stuck_out_tongue:


I got that too! (I need 20 characters to put a comment and that is why you are reading this extra sentence that has absolutely no meaning or purpose.)


@Catface4 Just do < 202020 without the space!
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:heart:︎ Here is a like!! :heart:


I just got a lot as well, I think the forum is having a catch up.


I got them as well! They must be new badges.


Lol it's new!


Yahhooo!!! I'm in da picture!!!


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah (not so funny anymore LOL)


I got 3 badges last night.


I woke up and saw that I had earned all of those badges!