What are the lines next to names?


So I have been wondering what those lines next to people's names were. Some people have them say regular, some say completely random things, some have a message.

Here's an example. It's @SmileyAlyssa's

So how do I get one of those on my name?


Those are titles like your Regular one


You can't really get a custom one anymore :confused:


Mods used to give them out randomly.

They don't do it anymore tho. Except for special occasions such as DOS and The Summer Cintest :D
Mods can edit in their own and anyones titles!

And if ur a regular, u can make ur title 'regular'


Those my friend are called "titles"

Pretty self explainatory

but custom ones are random


Please crop out ur email! @MrHotdog64

You can't share them anymore :slight_smile:


Regulars can get a title that says regular, leaders and up can change there title to whatever they want.

Mods gave some people titles!


What is DOS and The summer Contest.





umm ok.
so.... lol. Wow.


DOS is day of silence, which is a LGBT thing, and the summer contest was... Well a Summer contest XD


DOS is a LGBT event that mods gave titles for!

People also won some titles in the summer contest!


Smiley alyssa isn't a regular and has it! How...


Day Of silence (DOS) a day honoring LGBT+ people :slight_smile:
The summer contest:

It's over now, but one of the prizes was a title :D


Oh! That's cool! So all leaders instantly get custom ones?


Also, @SmileyAlyssa is a regular :wink:


Yep! Becuase they have earned the mods trust and deserve them :D

They can ask for one whenever, and mods can change their own!


Those are Titles. :slight_smile:
Only Mods and Leaders can have them, or give them out.
They were recently taken away, and the people who have them out either have them because of DOS, LGBTQ+, or if they won a contest.


Another reason to be on my quest for leader!
Support here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/im-working-to-be-a-leader/18211?u=zachyswag

Anyway! I should GBOT! My fault! :*(


You can only get them by winning contests or by becoming a leader


I got it! :wink: