What are the HS colours?



So, yeah.. Because I'm making a "Happy Birthday" project for HS's B-Day, and I was making a smooth background, and I was wondering, "what are the HS colours?" Otherwise the background would be blue...if there are actually any official colours of HS... @Kiwicute2016? @Anyone_else_who_might_know! Thanks!
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Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, Green and Yellow.


Ok! Any idea how to make a six colour smooth background?! Pls ;-;


I think she means what are the HSBs :grinning:


I'll try to do the code!


Yes. You make six text, put the code for the smooth background in each of them. All you need to do is change the Y part for each so that they all fit. If you need clarification, I will explain better later. I need to go to a class right now


Ok! Thanks! (Eh, this is where you see me fail XD...) credit and all will be given!
Should I make a HS theme tune? That would be funny CX


Ok, thanks, experimenting...


Got it! May not be smooth, but it's a background!


Thanks! Did you make it, or what? I'm just curious :blush:


Made it! I'm proud of it too!


Here it is!

Sorry for the messy handwriting! I was rushing! :D

Pink: HSB(337,87,84)
Red: HSB(8,82,89)
Orange: HSB(27,85,92)
Yellow: HSB(60,80,81)
Green: HSB(106, 60, 68)
Blue: HSB(192, 100, 80)


Thanks @Kiwicute2016! These look way better than my rubbish HSB's!


You should be! It's awesome!


Ok, here is a link for the smooth background