What are the AND & OR blocks (Tutorial)



So, some of you may have noticed these when you were playing around with the new update:

You may be wondering what these are. I'm here to help!
These blocks are the amazing, commonly-used-in-coding and useful AND & OR logical operators.
But what are they?
Think of it like this: Let's say you are going to have a picnic. But what if there's a storm? You could put the code to have a picnic inside of an if block that says if there is no storm. That's a good beginners way to think about if blocks. Now, in order to have your picnic, you would also need a bunch of food. So you could do something like this:
If there is no storm AND you have a lot of food then
--- stuff goes here
That's what the AND block does.
The OR block is same, except only one of the things needs to be true for it to work. Think of it like this:
If I am bored OR I have a great idea then
--- Code on hopscotch!
That is what those do in terms on the real world. Hope that this helped!


This is really great! I really didn't understand them much at first but I think I've figured it out a bit!


Great tutorial! This explains it clearly!




Awesome tutorial! This will really help! :smile:


It would sure be nice if the AND & OR operators were available for When events too.

@Rodrigo Nudge...


Good idea!


Yeah, sure, it would be nice. :slight_smile:


Awesome tutorial! I didn't have the new update because of no space on my iPad, but the tutorial is very easy to understand. Great job, Valgo!