What are Sine and Cosine


Hi! I’m afraid I don’t quite understand sin and cosine. It’ll seems very complicated, can someone teach me how? Thanks


I don’t understand it either, but maybe @CodeHelp could help.


This is an old topic explaining sin and cos and it’s using the old Hopscotch version, but it is still really helpful:


Mmmmmm… Maybe look it up on Google or something? Well, to make a circle with sin and cosine you just do this (you should also ask some other more educated people for help too):
let r = [what you want the radius of your circle to be]
let x = [the x where you want your circle to be]
let y = [the y where you want your circle to be]
Then, make a 7 = 7 block or just a repeat forever inside a game starts.
When 7 = 7
Set Position x ( r * cos(self(rotation)) + x) y (r*cos(self(rotation)) + x)
} End
Here’s a screenshot if your a visual learner like me:

Here’s a link to the project: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/zu990mz78


You beat me to it.


Thank you @William04GamerA! That’s really helpful! Here’s a question- do you have any game ideas?


Try making a dodging game where the enemies move in sine/cosine waves!


What @CreationsOfaNoob suggested is a really good idea! You can also take a look here for lots of ideas:


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Could someone help me as well? I also want to know a lot of math blocks.