What are modified characters?



I saw that Creations of a Noob had these projects like when he had Cupcake have colored sprinkles.(Normally, it would be PLAIN white sprinkles) Also, Octopus, sitting with is back faced forward. Baby Octopus.
I am sorta confused with this!


Creations of Noob recently found the HSB for octopus and cupcake, so he is using them to give the characters different emotions or different angles. It's really cool!

Ideas for modified characters

Creations of a Noob used fancy key and other text items. BTW: There is an app called Fancy Key. If you don't have it look it up in the App Store. Also, see code of Creation of a Noob's modified characters to see how it works. I think he/she took a lot of time to make those!


Yeah @SQUISHY is right, Creations of a Noob is just adding texts to change the features of characters :smiley:

Here's a photo if anyone's wondering:

In this one, Creations of a Noob "modified" or "edited" Octo to look like he's sleeping. It looks very cool! Here's the link to the project too so you can see:

HSB Colours of Characters in Hopscotch

Thank you for the information! I was also thinking that as well.


I think he used fancykey and hsb


And can someone tell me how to post my own topics instead of just replying to people? #ItWouldBeVeryHelpful! :smiley:


You tap ask a question in top right corner of main page screen


Ok. Thanks :joy: I will post something soon ps what's your username on hopscotch? I want to see your projects


My usernames the same as on here.
I've made more than I've published but I deleted the drafts because I'm too strict on myself


On the topic of modifying characters, it would be cool adding text objects on top of characters to change their colour but it'd be a lot of work trying to get it right. Like adding heaps of small texts in the shape of Chillanna's hair to change it to a different color such as purple.


fancy key is not in the app store any more.


Probably because maybe it sold out. The first ever version of "flappy bird" got sold out so they created a bunch of other flappy bird games


apps cant get sold out! hopscotch has TONS of downloads and its still on!


My name is FruityMilkshake


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That is CreationsOfANoob's profile picture-octo


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That is an older version of hopscotch :wink:
Are you new to Hopscotch? Ive been on since the very beginning. After the new update, the got rid of that (probably money purposes)