What are Forum Parties?


What are forum parties? Can anybody tell me? I heard there was a Christmas and New Year's one, but I was on vacation.

(Please don't reprimand me if this topic has already been posted!)


Parties are something allowed by the admins and mods. You can go off topic as long as you are appropriate and it somehow ties back to Hopscotch.
Creds to @CreativeCoder and @Follow4LikesOfficial for corrections!


Yep, basically what Kiwicute said...but now for in the future we have to relate it at least somewhat to Hopscotch according to Liza


Actually, @Liza just told us that it has to be hopscotch relevant. But, anything related to hopscotch, so that means we can go A LITTLE more off topic than other times.


Here is some info


When is the next one?


I believe Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, then New Year's. I think six is a plenty amount of parties :wink:!


4th of July? Whassat?


It's also known as Independence Day, if that's what you are asking.


Independence Day?


I thought it was only:
Christmas in july?


Like everyone said, forum parties are when we can celebrate the holiday, but somehow tie it down to hopscotch :wink:


Probably not Halloween though....


Hmm so not Martin Luther King jr day? Which is also my bday.:pensive::grinning:


New Year's Eve, everyone is crazy about staying up late, we got 1800 pots in one day, which will stay the record for a loooong time,


But what happens on July 4 cuz everybody is talking about it


It's my BDay on July 4th :D.
I guess

should we do July 4th?

  • lol no what the heck worst idea ever 0/100 omg so bad just stop please you are making my eyes bleed omg just stop please
  • k



July 4 is Independence Day in America, it's the day we won our independence from Britain, so we celebrate with fireworks and stuff.

Apparently, it is also @Follow4LikesOfficial's birthday.


Why not celebrate martin luther king jr day? Thats my bday this year


Hey guys no birthdays but we should do Christmas 4rth of July Saint Patrick's day and not so sure about
Valentine's Day because people are meen about mating!
Halloween no way to scary and most people don't believe