What are docs? Where can I see the docs?


Hey everyone! Derp here! So, a lot of people have been talking about some "docs" thing, as well as the pretty recent "get on docs, dude!" Project. What is this? What are docs? Your friend,
Rainbow Derp

Edit: I know this isn't hopscotch related, but still.

Edit: WOA!!! you gota... 4 likes??? - temmie


Docs means google docs and can allow people to make stuff together or chat


It is an app called Google Docs, where you can chat with other people about collabs and other stuff.


That derp bothers me...


I don't know why you even want it,I can't go on it so I feel left out my school is so annoying


Wat do you mean?


Do you mean the majestic rainbow frog?


That's the "get rekt" frog lol


Dude undertale spoiiiiiilers


Dang, sorry about that.


TEMMie is not really a spoiler, it's more of a fun little thing you can find yourself.
ALSO it's been like, a year
ALSOOOOOOO temmie doesn't have anything to do with the story, therefore,


That was not temmie, that was Asriel Dreemur