What are docs? How do you get them?


wHi everyone, what are docs as i dont understand help meh !!!!!!!!

MEGA HOPSCOTCH BOOK {Status: Full, sry} ^_−☆

Docs is an app. You can edit documents with others. Hopscotchers sometimes share docs with other Hopscotchers to talk!


If you've been listening to other conversations on the Hopscotch forum then I think they were talking about Google docs.


Docs are where people can talk to each other by typing on a page, you can also make little surveys, and work together on stuff!


thanks @SmileyAlyssa what app is it?


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yah i want to get it


thanks @Fluffymarshmellow how do u join googl docs


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Thanks @Destined_Taco1


It's called Google Docs. But you can also access it online!


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@SmileyAlyssa how can I access the hopscotch doc stuff tho?


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You can create one, and share it with people. But you have to have their email.


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