What App Is This?


It's also a game.
So this was actually @Mathgirl's idea so I give her credit.
So What App Is This?
I will be posting my progress with it.
If someone guesses the app they get to pick which one I code next.
Here's the WIP so far!!


It's not Docs, is it?


It's google docs

Even though she beat me


Yes, you are correct. :frowning: What app do you pick next? @codingCupcake123


Ok! Plz delete that post now! @codingCupcake123


Part 2 or the docs!

Sorry if you guys don't like it. :frowning:


That's really really cool!

I really really like it!! :DDDDDD


I need to add all the buttons at the top.


That's really good and awesome! Do you like to write?


I LOVE to. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


me too! thats really cool!