What am I doing wrong?!



Nobody ever replies to me, no one ever talks to me.
What did I do wrong? What did I say?
Please tell me.


No comments, just likes.
I don't understand this...

I'll just leave and you won't see a difference to this forum.


You did nothing wrong! And please don't leave! You are super nice! If you want more replies, try getting involved with more conversations!


And i am not going to explain, or talk to anyone.

Let's hope that we will not notice me gone, and be happy.


Thank you, but I'll think about it.
I'll take a short break, I guess. And I'll think about it.

I might return...


If you are happy with leaving, I respect your decision. If you want to stay and get involved with conversations, don't leave!


Yeah maybe go to the drawing topic and post some drawing pics
Maybe people will remember you
Wait @DancingLollipop am I involved in topic and stuff


Are you asking me if I see you involved with conversations?


Yeah do you see me a lot or just a little
Just asking! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just keep working at it and you'll get better! No one used to notice me but I started working harder and now I get about 10 likes a project!


Yeah I see you around a lot! :3


I just need to know!
Okay let us get back on topic


Lol she's saying that nobody replies to her not that nobody sees her projects


Wait look at her bio
She left :cry:




If you like..
See me on Hopscotch as PusheenGirl~
(Or I might change it, I do tend to do that a lot.)


Me too! But with the Feature, I get about 30 now.

Not to be bragging or anything.