What am I doing wrong, mainly for MagmaPOP


This is mainly for @MagmaPOP
So Im trying to recreate your Realistic Spurce FTU a game I'm working on but I think I am doing something wrong but I can't find the mistake.

`tree ability


I edited the title so MagmaPOP doesn't think it is a newbie asking for help with a tag list :wink:


Okay thanks!
Whoa there @Anonymous your liking really fast today


Happens everyday lol


What's under the "else" in the 4th picture?


Maybe you should show a picture of what it looks like, when you do it and it looks wrong! :smiley:


There looks like a mishap in the code cros and sin may be wrong sorry I'm learning cros and sin so I'm a noob at it


I ain't got no idea what going on here but I wish I could help...


I don't remember the code... But it was very messy... Can you post a screenshot of the result of your code?


Sure, I'll do that when i get home from school.


Figured it out it's sin and cos not cos and sin




Oooo... I like the grass... Make sure that the X and Y coordinates in the "tree" ability are correct... So they fit the tree trunk! Cause the X is 512 while the tree trunk is far to the right... :wink: The Y is off too...


Also I like that you used my FTU projects! Other people just remix... While they can just use them in their own projects... :sweat_smile:


Also the FTU spruce is way worse than the one I used in my holiday card... So you can use that one instead... The entity responsible is invisible on 500,400! :wink: Also you can cut down the amount of clones from 50 to something else so that they don't cause lag!



Yea, I wanted an foresty background so i tried grass and it turned out terrible! So I looked grass and edited the code a bit more.

Thanks for Letting me know!

Okay thank you so much! Some people don't like getting random credits in games so I am going to ask, do you want credit for the spruce code?


It's enough that you just put credit: MagmaPOP or something more fitting! ;] They are FTU after all...


Okay! I will do that! I only asked Because once i gave credit for music and a flame war started so now just ask.


Gave me credit for music or someone else? Cause I don't remember... XD


I don't even remember lol it was when I first started