Whaaaaaa? What on earth is going on



I just made a new account, and I was like whaaaaaaa?!!!???! When I saw this. It might be just a bug, but, ummmmmmmm..... Yeah.


I'm pretty sure that might be the same bug @Kiwicute2016 found... XD


Nvm it's different.. XD


I am very confuzzled it might be a bug


This happened to me! I can see my own drafts on others accounts. You should email the Hopscotch team.


Later the bug mysteriously disappeared, it hasn't happened for a while, maybe it only happens to one person at a time?


Try emailing the Hopscotch Team at help@gethopscotch.com to see why this bug happening.


Does it show that on every account you see?


I actually found it first.

But it's similar. A glitch. @Rodrigo, @thomas, @Liza, any advice?


Gone now. Sorry. Thanks for your time.


Well, the bug, not me.

Me as I realize how awkwardly I worded that​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: