Wha Tha OrangeScent?



@Liza @alish @moderators @everyone!!!!!! @OrangeScent1's Profile Pic Is Taking Over Hopscotch Fourm!!!!!


It's a prank! If you click the Doppelgänger topic you will see




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Holy oh my god


Okay, this really isn't that funny. I got really confused




I'll change it now!


This isn't funny I was so confused! why?


So scary, so weird, so not orange.


We are The Annoying Oranges



I looked at @UptownStudios profile and said oh snap she found out then i read the name and fell backwards again


@Follow4LikesOfficial this wasn't funny, it was mildly annoying at best


Games are fun, but remember, the Hopscotch forum is for helping others, not confusing them! Having the same profile picture can get many people confused, or even scared :scream:. Let's change our profile pictures back so people can distinguish out each other and have conversations be easier, thus more helpful!


I didn't participate but I thought it was really funny :cold_sweat: I have a weird sense of humor :sweat_smile:


This actually happened? Wow.
major revive XD


k hey apple