Wh-What Happened? ;-;



Guys, I CANNOT LOG INTO MY ACCOUNT! So I made a new one, and then I decided to try again. But then I realized, THERE WAS NO LOG OUT BUTTON! I'm LITERALLY about I CRY! I love hopscotch so much, and I don't want to see it go away just like that.... If any of you know what is happening PLEASE HELP! I'm sorry, I may be overreacting but hopscotch means so much to me... I feel addicted and that I may not be able to live harmonious without it. Please do help!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dizzy_face::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I don't want to quit... But I may be forced to...


Hopscotch is down right now, just wait it out...


Oh no! D:

The log out button disappeared?

I suggest:

  • Resetting your iPad.
  • Resetting hopscotch.
  • Deleting and redownloading hopscotch.

Idk maybe that'll work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I tried all those............. I'm sorry........ Thank y both of you, you helped so much!


Did THT say something about this? Are they working on an update? If not I might consult @Liza or @alish to make sure.


That happens to me when I am on slow Wi-Fi. Are you on your normal Wi-Fi?



Hopscotch is just down right now.

But, if it keeps happening even after hopscotch works again, email THT


Um. My hopscotch works perfectly fine! :3



It was down last time I checked.

Ok then.

You should try emailing THT, @GoldenSun


Wait... Everything works fine except all the levels are in Featured...
This is weird. I have a logout button, the community works fine, it's just Featured.


Wait, what? Try contacting THT. Also, I think it's just maintenance, so don't worry!


Werid hopscotch isn't down for me! It's working fine!


How do you restart Hopscotch?

please tell this smol nacho ice lolly.


You exit and swipe it away.


What? I don't understand.


You double click the home button, and then swipe Hopscotch up. That refreshes it, so when you open up the app again, it restarts.


That's why I call it "swiping it away", because when you swipe it, it goes away.


Double click the home button, and it'll take you to a screen that looks like this:

And then swipe up on the hopscotch app. :D

(Hahahaha you can see all the intense research I was doing for watercolors)


Thanks! I tried to log in, but it doesn't work. Thanks anyway!