We've... got an idea or do we? We do? Nope? Not edited by Rider! Don't even jump to conclusions because it was edited by me UnderagedCoder! And free potatoez and tomatoes and tomatos and dogs wait? WHAT! This is a recording! T_T BOI BOI


@Logan_Edwards77 had an idea to remake hopscotch, or some aspect of hopscotch. First I wanted to know if this is possible, second off, he wanted to recruit a team of expert coders to help him make this project.

If you have any ideas on how to make it, if its possible, or people who can help respond, or contact me.


Oh, and @UnderagedCoder1


LoganEdwards77 was the person who is logged into my account
So there might be repetetive posts by me lol


Ya go follow Logan Edwards77 on hopscotch, he used to be good trust me. He is also a lit person in real life


Ya there he is
He will make an account later and he will call it Logan_Edwards77


Tag random people lol


So you want to remake some part of hopscotch in hopscotch, right?


Yes, of course we do
That is what makes a game changer right?
@Rider tagged the best hopscotchers cause we might need help... lol


It's possible if you try hard​:wink:


This is my topic @UnderagedCoder1


Not exactly
But if it's good enough it might!
There aren't much game changers and it's VERY hard to get one
But if you work hard and not give up you might reach that point


Cliché, but understandable


I saw his account on here. Can you tell him to change is profile picture to someone other than his face?


I'm pretty sure most aspects of it are possible (not sure about the channels/tabs though), but all of it in one project would probably be too laggy.
Maybe make multiple projects that are different parts of Hopscotch that go together?


This is an awesome idea :)) a while ago, @Funky_63_Greenland recreated the older editor for a tutorial (I just fixed a few things and did re-writing text mostly)

@Intellection74 did a really cool remake of the editor as a drawing too :slight_smile: Also in general are all the Hopscotch profiles that people recreate, along with the editor and the stage recreations. I guess what is coming from this is that yeah there are different parts you could look at :smiley:


Guys, I have another great idea
Well... have you seen the flappy golf game and how fun it is?
This game is better http://www.mathplayground.com/mobile_andy/index.html

I was thinking about making a game like this on HS but I need help from some people.


Everything (almost) is possible with code, so it will work. I have made a really simple movie maker in like 30 minutes and it uses a similar technology. I think it will work just if you work hard enough. Tag me if you need any help, I would be happy to give you some feedback!




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