Were You Brave To Keep Your Old Icon?



Hey. I'm Just Saying We're You Brave To Keep Your Old Icon Like Raccon Or Dino Or Anything Else? Just Want To Know! Thanks! :wink:


I still use parrot! @Pokemon101


Cool A Happy Coder! Hey, Can You Bring Over Some Of Your Friends And Say If They Kept Their Old Avatars?


I kept my avatar as Bird, since there's no cats. :cry:


None of my friends play hopscotch!


Thanks For Telling Me, AwesomeKitty!! Can You Ask Some Of Your Hopscotch Friends If They Kept Their Old Characters?


I kept mine as some older one.


Same. Must be a New Zealand thing @AHappyCoder


I changed mine to a watermelon.


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I'm still bear, I kinda thought when they updated, hmm, this'll be another mark of how long I've been on hopscotch in a year or so, I guess I'll keep it


Hi, Justanerd! Can You Ask Any Of Your (Hopscotch) Friends To Go Into This Chatroom And THEY Can Say If They Still Have Their Old Characters?


I think they'd see it already in the new section faster than they would see that I asked them to go here, so if they want to come, they will... they always do...


I did change mine to a rainbow wave thing but I wish they kept the old icons because I want to change back to parrot!


Meh. I guess I could've kept my old one as a token of being on Hopscotch for a while, but I changed it because I like the artsy style contrary of the characters


I of corse still use cupcake!!!! I really wanted to change my icon but I did not want to lose cupcake. The art icons were tempting, but I kept cupcake anyway!!!


I kept bird, but last year before bird even existed, I had the hopscotch team change it to bird she I got the update.


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Mine is still bird, I don't really care for any of the others.


Nope, I always go crazy after a new update.