We've been working on a project for months, and after the update, were lost. We don't know how to use the editor, so we are leaving hopscotch. See you around guys, we are really sorry about the update.


Oh no!
You can always ask for help with the editor :D

Pls don't leave just because of the update! ;-;
What if you end up loving it?

It's your choice though, bye ;-;


Nah, well stay on the forums not the app though


You could try watching the videos! Don't go! Please! I know I can't change your mind though.


But seriously, hopscotch was 4 and a half star app in 2 days, it became 2 and a half.


I know. That stinks. Poor, poor, hopscotch.


And poor @smilishmagna101 he got suspended even though he's one of our fans. It's a shame they can't put the update back, hopscotch is ruined. And if they don't bring it back soon, something tells me the guy that said when will hopscotch end, the answer is in a few months.


No! It's your choice, but email THT about it! And, try to learn the new update!


hopscotch is ending in a few months? where did you see that? i think its like the old "hopscotch is shutting down" fake thing.


No, it's a theory we made because of this horrifying update, no offense THt, you do realize you were almost a 5 star app, your update dropped all the way to 2 and a half stars.


hopscotch is dead


Lets not think this! Focus on the present!:grinning: Many people already like the update, and for those who dont, usally get used to it! :grinning:


Rly they just came out with a new update saying you can make it landscape :stuck_out_tongue:


Look at Liza's topics