We're Not Crumbling, We're Changing!


I need to acknowledge it. Everyone's freaking out, leaving, and being upset. I can't just say, "Change? What change?!"

I need to straight-up say my feelings towards all this.

  • The new leadership changes are okay. If THT finds that they're the best for us, then we'll have to live with them. A badge shouldn't upset people.

  • Leaving because of it is seriously odd. I'm sad about it, but I'm not gonna say, "Oh no! Forumers aren't eligible for a certain trust level, so I should totally quit this app!"

  • We aren't crumbling or falling apart. We've gotten through much like this and we can get through it again.

So, here's all that summarized: I'm okay with the new leadership rules. We should do what THT finds best. It's confusing as to why people would leave over that, or be sad over it. It makes sense that you would be sad about others leaving, but not over a new rule. I'm not leaving, and we can get through this together.

We are changing. Everyone moves on. This is like the 'puberty' of the forum. Lots of change. Lots of emotion.

If you need to...

  • Talk

  • Rant

  • Scream

  • Cry

  • Discuss

  • Get help

  • Let everything out

You can come to me. Type an essay. Type a crying emoji. I'll read it and I'll acknowlege it. I'll care about it and I'll help you with it. I'll never ignore a friend, and you are all my friends.

It's hard to smile, but do it! You need that face excersize! XD

Things that might make you laugh

I'm terrible with change too. I threw a fit over my mom getting a new chair when I was a little kid. :stuck_out_tongue: I used to be scared of growing because I'd have to get new clothes and give away my old ones. XD



I was legit thinking of making a topic about change and this general message :0


Hmmm... a good analogy...


Now I'm imagining the forum's mom (what?!) buying it deodorant or giving it a 'talk' about stuff...

What is my brain doing XD


Much bleh.


- everyone in grade 5 science class


Let's GBOT now :stuck_out_tongue:


Very true
The crumbling part is the "Leaving Movement"
Which I have been involved in


The birds and the bees isn't very appropriate for the forum. Please take that down.





I cried for 3 hours last night...
I was very angry...
I understand, but I really miss everyone who left ;-;


I has the thoughts of ending it all but it was like stop thinking about that


The stuff it's a euphemism for isn't appropriate, but younger kids won't know what the phrase means. I said it because it is a common phrase, and because it's better than shouting out every detail.


Great speech @treefrogstudios!!!:clap:🏻:clap:🏻:clap:🏻

I kinda disagree with that.
Because adults actually make mistakes too
And it takes a verree long time fir da Leaders and Mods to become Leaders and Mods. I think it is natural fir them to feel sad because they are back to Regular again :slight_smile:


Body odor…


Well, but scientifically speaking, adults have fully developed their frontal lobes, meaning that they can make decisions better than children. They've obviously thought this through.

What I mean is that they do what they feel is best for us, and we should do that because most of the time, they will know what's best for us.


I think that it is best to ask us first about it and then consider. Because we are all different, what people think is the best may not be the best fir some people.

From my own experience, it depends on the adults' personality.
Because my world isn't the best world. Some adults I know tell lies, gossips, and hurt others' feelings. There are only a few adults that I know are kind-hearted humans.

It depends, because all humans are different


From what I can tell, THT are very nice people. I've emailed them about some glitches and stuff, and they're very helpful.

But that's beside the point. We need to respect their decisions because they want good things for us. They're smart people. They've come up with a lot of great stuff for us.


I understand :D

I just don't leike da Leader/Mod demotion…
That really did hurt some of the Leader/Mods' feelings ;-;


It's true. It would hurt mine too. But we have to do stuff we don't want to sometimes, because that's what we all have to do for the greater good. (That last bit sounded creepy XD)


Leike me. I do what I think is right. And some stuff that I agree with other people that is right :)

Meh, I'm happier to follow my heart and do what I think is logically the best for me and the others.:blush:

"There is no exact right and wrong. They are a matter of opinions."
—StarryDream's mum