We're making Hopscotch faster on older iPads


Yes! Should run faster for you, too


Alright, thanks for telling me!


Thanks a lot. I have a very old iPad Mini 1 and, the player issues are annoying how most of the time the player does not load properly, until you leave and enter the project again. Also there should be more variables that belong to the device section and the objects as well.
By the way, thanks a lot for the previous beta. When it was finally released in public, I was surprised that a variable called “Total Clones” is now part of the objects section. That’s when I thought I could use this to my advantage to make cool looking stuff, like my HD Solar Eclipse looked awesome. Thanks to all your updates, I am back on HS.
(I know this is long but I like to put all my effort left into my replies to show I greatly appreciate the community.)
Also, I’ll just wait until the Beta is public to avoid most problems listed by



Also, I can’t wait for School to start! Anyone else feeling the same?


Thank you liza, I’ll email you when I can.


@Liza i have an iPad1 but its still working and it is always laggy. How do i make it more faster?


FYI submitted this to the App Store!


That’s great to know!!


Have you fixed the bugs reported yet? Edit: I didn’t see the latest beta build yet. I will test it out in a bit



I just tried to open a few older projects. The projects opened as blank and were subsequently deleted by the app (They were not blank). I opened a few more and they opened as expected.

I’ve a backup saved of all my projects so I’m going to try restoring this evening, look at the project json to see if anything’s odd, and see if the same projects get deleted again.

I have an iPad Air with iOS 10.2. I also have the 2nd Beta version that came out for 3.21.0, but don’t know if this is specifically associated with only the latest Beta. Just wanted to give a heads up. I’ll advise of anything I figure out this evening.


Cool, I am excited! :slight_smile:


I think you broke my Wifi :confused:


The latest is Version 69. We fixed some, including the swipe to dismiss not working, the +/- button, and not being able to drag into check onceif/else correctly. We weren’t able to fix not being able to re-order whens but the next time we do work on the editor, I’m hopeful we can do it.

@ThinBuffalo that’s not good! I was successfully able to open some old drafts. To confirm, were the projects you were trying to open drafts? Let us know if you find out anything more, and thanks again.


Hi @Liza I have a project (actually more than one) that repeatability reproduces blank project bug.

Play the project, set (swipe up) the number of letters to 9, and tap “Find Word”. The project will iterate through the random letters for a while then go blank. Edit the project & play again. The project will be blank. (One must then exit the project & return for it to work again)

Note: to show that going blank isn’t an artifact of the project’s code, after changing to 9 letters, swipe the letters to LALIGATOR then search for the word. This arrangement solves quickly so it doesn’t go blank.


Aww yay thanks! Mine is like about 4 years old… :pp but it still works great!