We're making Hopscotch faster on older iPads

We just released a build on Testflight that makes dragging and editing code faster on older iPads. Do you have an older iPad (iPad2!) — check it out! We’d love your feedback on whether it feels faster.

We also fixed the bugs that cause the keyboard to get messed up when you rotate your device, as well as bugs with FancyKey.

We’d love your help looking for bugs with this update, particularly in the editor. We’re eager to see what we broke while making these improvements.

Let me know if you have any questions.



First comment!!! Yayy

That’s cool :333 I have a newer iPad though…


Yes!!! I might return to Hopscotch, I got a IPad 2.


Awesome! I’ve got an iPad 2. I can’t check it because my charger broke, but I will get a new one soon.


Are you a Testflight beta tester? Try it out!

If not, send me an email at help@gethopscotch.com and I can add you a tester. Thanks!


P.S. It should also be faster on newer iPads too :slight_smile: it’s just not as much of a problem there


Yay! That’s great to hear! I don’t have an old iPad, but it’s great to hear about the update!


@Liza, I’m not allowed to have TestFlight. Is there anything else that I can try?


Unfortunately not :frowning: Is it blocked by your school or a rule in your family?


I’m not allowed to use it in my family


Liza, I have a question! I know this isn’t related to the topic very much though…

My school took away hopscotch after the membership came along, because in app purchases were not aloud. I wasn’t sure if there was something where the schools could block that out, cause I enjoy hopscotch a lot and I hope that I can get it back on my school IPad, which is The IPad 2.


Like how old iPads? Will it be an improvement on all iPads or just old ones?


dragging and editing code faster

Hi @Liza, since you’re working on dragging & editing code faster I thought I’d ask for this improvement again:



@Liza I have a new and old iPad so I can do some testing on the old one

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New beta is looking pretty so far! I love how you’ve added support for third-party keyboards now. I like using Gboard but due to Hopscotch not supporting it (I have to switch keyboards every time I use Hopscotch) I had to just stick with the stock iOS keyboard.


Dragging is faster now. It feels pretty snappy, in a bit I am going to go back to the older version to compare. I am running the app on an iPad Air, Hopscotch runs well on it normally and the new update makes it a bit faster. There have been quite a few complaints about HS lagging on older iPads, I see how this update will improve speed on those devices.

The keyboard doesn’t get as messed up when you rotate your device. I am glad to see that that bug has been fixed, although it’s still not perfect; when you rotate your device from landscape to portrait (keyboard shown), the labels (Custom, Movement, Looks&Sounds, and so on) will be smashed.

Similarly, when you rotate from portrait to landscape (reset the keyboard by exiting the object code and going back in), the labels will be smaller and those that are longer (looks & sounds and control flow) will be split to two lines.

You can also no longer swipe down on the keyboard to dismiss it, it will just scroll up on the code.


The +/- button has been broken in the Beta

If you type 1 then press +/-, the number appears to change to -1 but changes back to 1 after the number bubble looses focus. Likewise if you’re trying to change -1 to 1. In order to type -1, in the Beta you have to press the +/- before 1.

Issue 2

This second one is really minor, but I’ll mention it anyway.

I like the ghost image when dragging a block, but…

After you drag the block to different “section”, the ghost image changes to a different block.

Issue 3

Ever since 3.20.0 some objects occasionally don’t appear when a project is played. It may be 1 or 2 objects or it might be all objects and you get a blank screen. Unfortunately I see no pattern in when this occurs. Exiting and returning usually fixes it (temporarily) but sometimes you have to exit and return multiple times.

The Beta still exhibits this issue.

This was also mentioned in this topic


If another object was touching the top-right corner of the tree’s rectangle collision mask, it wouldn’t technically be “touching” it, would it?


That’s cool! However, I have the old editor on my oldest device using Hopscotch, and it’s an iPad Air, which isn’t too old.


@MudFlowerCat I imagine this is true for many schools. As an admin you can restrict in-app purchases. I’d love to learn more about your school’s experience. If you’re allowed to, email me at liza@gethopscotch.com and I can give more info about this.

@ThinBuffalo Ah yes, that would be useful. If we don’t uncover a ton of bugs in QA I’ll see if we can get this in :slight_smile: @AwesomeOnion is going on vacation so we have to be even more judicious than normal in prioritization unfortunately.

Good catch with the +/- button. Thanks!

Re: ghost block: interesting! Playing around with this, it appears that when you drag into the “else” of an if/else block, whatever was immediately below the block you selected becomes transparent. I don’t get this same problem when dragging above/below in the code or into another when. Do you?

Re: missing blocks—ugh! I have experienced this and fielded reports from other Hopscotchers. As you noted, it’s really hard to replicate. We did something with 3.20 where we auto-replay a project if the web player experiences an error. (You used to immediately get a womp error message, when in most cases, restarting the project will fix the problem). Perhaps this changed caused the issue.

If anyone is able to reliably reproduce the bug where, upon playing, the screen is blanking or missing objects, we’ll gladly fix it!

@SkyFrost Awesome! Thanks for your help.

@MR.GAM3R Glad to hear it! And yes, we often test with an iPad2 and know how painful this is. Thanks for catching the swipe down to dismiss. That’s an important feature. I think the portrait keyboard begins this way. Thanks for raising.

@Stradyvarious Yes, collision masks and clones cause lag. We changed the pre-filled “When bumps” parameters from to addresss this, in part.


Nice! Are there any changes for iPhone users? I am one